“According to the principle “liquida non frangunt ieiunium” (liquids do not break the fast), the monks in the middle-age monasteries would brew a stronger, more nuriting beer for the time of lent to stay in shape for the daily labor.”

To read about Schlenkerla Lentbeer and its history, click here.



San Diego: America’s Top Beer Town

[ARTICLE TEXT] As part of a research project, back in December, I started compiling a list of the nation’s beer meccas; those areas where a beer aficionado can go and taste to his/her geeky little heart’s desire and know that almost every stop will be filled with wonders.

So, after making my own preliminary notes, I googled “Ten Best American Beer Cities” – and two variations thereof – and started to read.

For the first minute or so, I was puzzled. Then baffled. Then appalled. Just for an example, GQ gave the title of America’s best city to Los Angeles, a city that sports no real. . . (Continue Reading)

DePalma IPA Coming Soon!

RX Brewing is pleased to announce their latest batch of homebrew–DePalma IPA.  This hop-heavy IPA was brewed as a collaboration between RX Brewing’s JP O’Hanlon and first time brewer Vince DePalma.

DePalma IPA was bottled on February 17, 2013 and should be ready for sampling around March 1.

News release: RX Brewing to brew West Coast IPA


In a statement released by RX Brewing on November 13, 2012, home brewer and founder of RX Brewing JP O’Hanlon said, “I purchased all of the Malt, hops, yeastingredients for my next batch of homebrew.  I just bottled my inaugural batch pale ale on Monday and am ready to brew another one.  The next one will boost the alcohol content and the amount of hops.  Should be ready to drink in about five weeks.”